“The Hummingwhale”

Amit  Carmeli

Musician, Vocal Artist, Music & Sound Therapist.

”Since the day I started hearing music,I have realised, that the human voice is the ultimate instrument for the boundless expression of Music and Life; nevertheless, I have spent 20 years of playing, producing and arranging music without ever opening my mouth.The simple wish for singing was life-transforming, for it revealed the true power of life’s creative energy. In my work I call this energy “Wild Root” and the teaching technique I have named ”Wild Roots Meditation”.3 years of self exploration at the Carmel Mountains in the north of Israel, have made me realise and understand Life as Music and Music as Life.Ever since, it has been 15 years of sessions and group workshops with people of all ages, exposing and empowering the vital creative force in each and every one of us.Breathing music together with awareness and pure intention of Goodness is a life-transforming process, teaching us about our nature and our longing for uniqueness and unity, harmony and wildness.”